Allianz Insurance

Minneapolis-based Allianz life insurance company of North America offers life and annuity products in many states apart from North Dakota. In North Dakota, it only offers health, dental, and supplemental life policies. The state also offers the discount broker-assisted service, whereby brokers are not involved in selling the policies and instead are just referred to when a client has a question or need of questions about his or her policy. In addition, North Dakota is among the few states where Allianz’s plans do not offer policies with universal coverage. Instead, all policies are customized for the customer.

In addition to North Dakota, Allianz also provides insurance in Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Florida. However, in North Dakota, Allianz does not have a direct presence in that state and instead refers clients to an agent in North Dakota. Thus, the premiums in North Dakota are higher than in any other state. In addition, Allianz also offers life and annuity products in some other states and they are generally more expensive.

Health and annuity policies offered by Allianz of North America include individual and family plans. A family plan provides coverage for the members of a single family or a group of individuals who are related by blood, marriage, adoption, or a similar status. In addition, family policies also cover the children of the insured person and dependents who are the beneficiaries of the insurance plan. For instance, if a parent is insured, the insured child will also be covered under the policy. In the same way, the children of an insured spouse and parents of an insured minor will also receive coverage under the policy.

Allianz also provides health, dental, and supplemental life plans for employees of its company. Employees may get coverage either through the employment-sponsored group plans or through individual-sponsored plans. The employer-sponsored group plan pays a predetermined amount of premiums each month to cover the medical expenses of its employees. If the employee is not covered by his or her employer, he or she can avail of the individual plan. If you are an employee of Allianz, you will have to fill out an application form that covers you under the employment insurance plan.

Another benefit that Allianz offers to its employees is the discount broker-assisted service, wherein brokers are not involved in selling the policies and are simply referred to when a client has a question or need of questions about his or her plan. In North Dakota, Allianz does not offer a discount broker-assisted service in that state.

In addition, Allianz also offers a number of optional benefits to its customers, which are designed to provide flexibility for the customers. These optional features include the ability to borrow against the premiums, as well as, the ability to purchase additional coverage at the point of purchase.

To attract customers, Allianz offers a variety of special deals and promotions in its various marketing and advertising programs. For example, a client who purchases a health or annuity policy in North Dakota, may purchase all three policies from Allianz at a discounted rate. Such discounts are designed to attract more customers to Allianz’s company.

As mentioned above, Allianz’s premiums and other benefits may vary depending on the type of cover you choose. It is therefore advised that you talk to your financial advisor or agent before purchasing the policies to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your money. It is also advised that you look into different insurance companies and choose the one that offers the best coverage at the lowest possible cost.