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Cure Auto Insurance – Affordable Rates and Services

Founded by an auto insurance consumer who wanted a simpler way to find the best deals in his state, CURE is the premier provider of consumer protection insurance in New Jersey. Founded on the principle that every consumer deserves fair treatment by insurance companies, the company strives to offer quality services to all its customers.

A consumer-driven organization, CURE is dedicated to providing consumers with the most comprehensive coverage for their needs and at a price that is affordable for all. Founded on the premise that each consumer deserves fair treatment by insurance companies, the company believes that the majority of companies’ policies and premiums are based on a number of factors including age, gender, location and driving experience. This results in insurers’ choosing customers based on factors other than their driving history, thus increasing premiums for younger people, lower premium rates for women drivers, and higher rate premiums for more experienced drivers.

The company’s policy is that it will never discriminate based upon any driver’s age, gender, income, or even type of car. Since CURE works closely with each insurance company to help their customers, it is often able to provide clients with better rates.

CURE also helps customers understand their insurance options and make sure they understand how their current policies can be changed. The company also provides online web sites that can help individuals make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

CURE provides a variety of plans, policies and services for all consumers. Some services include claims assistance and claims administration; others include insurance rate negotiations and premium payments. Additionally, the company provides clients with access to online tools that allow them to compare multiple companies and compare various plans at once.

When looking for a cure, customers should consider the cost of their plans and services. In addition, customers should consider the overall cost of their current auto insurance coverage and the benefits and discounts they are receiving.

For example, clients who have received tickets or charges in the past may want to see if the company offers discounts for traffic violations or if they have had an accident clean driving records. In addition, clients should ask about discounts if they have purchased other insurance such as life, health or property insurance policies over the years.

CURE strives to ensure its clients are treated fairly and equitably by insurance companies. This includes offering affordable services and affordable rates that are designed to meet the needs of consumers, while protecting all New Jerseyans from unscrupulous insurance companies. By offering a variety of coverage and services to its customers, CURE helps ensure the insurance industry continues to function in New Jersey and continues to provide consumers with the best value for their money.

Some of the insurance coverage offered by CURE includes medical insurance, auto and health insurance, homeowner and renter’s insurance, business and liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance. Other services include emergency roadside assistance, legal assistance, financial counseling, and claim assistance. This company provides its clients with online web sites that allow them to compare their insurance needs and policies and make informed decisions about which company to work with.

As a New Jersey state law requires, all companies must provide an individualized quote form for each insurance policy a client chooses to purchase, including insurance for auto and health insurance, life, property and health insurance, and renter and homeowner’s insurance. The quote is free and requires no obligation, so customers can make the most cost-effective choice available.

CURE also offers a variety of marketing resources for consumers who are interested in finding affordable car insurance. The company also has an on-line resource page where a customer can search for quotes, make an initial free call and fill out a free report about auto insurance rates and services. CURE also has a page where a consumer can submit information about their driving record, whether they own or rent a home, what type of car they drive, if they are married or single, and any driving infractions that might be affecting their driving history.

Finally, CURE provides information about health insurance and liability insurance. This company provides quotes for health insurance and claims for the different types of insurance policies that clients may need.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free