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Ohio Mutual Insurance Provides Low Cost Medical Services

With an affordable rate and variety of benefits, Ohio Mutual Insurance has a lot to offer its members. Here are several ways you may benefit from being insured with a well-known company.

* You can easily pay your bills online using your credit card, Visa, MasterCard or Discover check card, cash, check or savings account or even a combination of all three. As an Ohio Mutual customer, you will easily pay your bills online – without additional charges – using convenient 360 access online portals, that you can access using the link below. Just a few clicks and you’ll be able to view your payments in real time.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance provides several types of coverage to its members. The most common benefits include health insurance, property insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment and liability protection. Other benefits include rental insurance, renters’ property damage insurance, workers’ compensation, and travel and other insurance policies. These are just some of the benefits you can avail from a member of this insurance company.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance also offers financial assistance for medical and dental expenses. Most health and dental plans are designed to cover basic needs. However, in the event of an emergency or serious illness, members of this company can obtain special benefits that include prescription drug coverage, emergency room treatment and prescription drug coverage for qualified children.

* When it comes to life insurance, Ohio Mutual Insurance also offers several policies for different levels of life expectancy. For example, there is a term life policy that offers coverage for one year up to the end of the policy’s term. An unlimited benefit life policy gives policyholders the option to borrow money against the policy’s cash value for a period of one to 30 years.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance also offers the option to buy additional coverage through individual or family medical insurance. This type of policy covers major illnesses and injury, such as a broken bone or major surgery, that can potentially last from six months to a year.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance also provides low-cost dental care to its members through dental insurance. The company offers discount options for patients who use the services of a dentist at least twice a year for cleaning and preventive care.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance also offers other financial benefits that include low cost automobile coverage, travel and car rentals, medical, credit cards, life and annuity protection and cash advances, savings accounts and savings, and investment options. In addition to these, many of their members are also eligible for low interest rates on car and home loans and homeowner’s insurance.

* There are many different kinds of policies available with Ohio Mutual Insurance. Some of these are self directed retirement accounts (SDRA), universal life and variable life policies, flexible and fixed annuity policies, and traditional and universal variable annuities. There are also individual, family, employer, and business plans. and self-employed and retiree policies.

* For those who do not want to pay high monthly premiums but still want the convenience of health insurance, there are also individual, family, employer and small business HMO plans. which are a combination of group, individual and small business health insurance plans, and are the preferred choice of many people because they are much more affordable than PPOs and POS plans.

* There are also a variety of different types of plans to meet your individual needs. There are individual and family health plans, group health plans, employer-based and Medicare, HMO, PPO, POS and even individual and family prescription drug plans.

* Ohio Mutual Insurance is known for providing financial support to its members by offering low cost medical services, and medical equipment. and supplies free diagnostic tests and x-rays to their members.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free