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Ohio State National

The Ohio State National Life Insurance Company is an independent, diversified insurance business based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with its associated companies, the Ohio State National group offers diverse life insurance, investment products, and annuities to its members. The company’s unique offerings are geared towards meeting the needs of diverse individuals who are not in a position to secure their own life policy through an independent agent.

In the mid-1990s, the Ohio State National Life Insurance Company was created. The company is led by David G. Gage and Joseph C. Gage. They were former brokers for Aetna and other life insurance companies. The company is managed by Steve J. Bittner.

Ohio State National is also a member of the Independent Life Insurance Association (ILA). As part of the ILA, all member companies must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding independent insurance agents. The ILA provides the independent agents with valuable resources that assist them in developing a sound marketing campaign.

As part of its member companies, the company maintains a web site that is designed to help members find the right independent insurance agent, as well as helpful information on how to make a more informed decision when buying an individual life insurance policy. Additional information is provided for those who have questions about obtaining an individual life insurance policy.

The web site contains links to the company’s main office and other locations across the country. It is also a virtual office locator. Members are able to request a physical phone number to call, or fill out an online form to receive a live representative to answer their questions and obtain their insurance quote. Members can even use Ohio State National’s automated system to obtain multiple quotes.

Ohio State National is a member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). As a member of the NAIC, it complies with federal and state requirements regarding insurance and provides the most current and accurate information available. In addition to providing state and national resources, it also publishes the NAIC Bulletin, which gives the latest on policies, changes in the industry, as well as articles about the state insurance market and related issues.

In recent years, Ohio State National has received numerous awards, including being named “Best Small Business” by the Ohio Small Business Magazine and “Best Small Agency of the Year” by The Insurance Industry Council of Ohio (IICOS) for its outstanding contributions to the state’s insurance industry. Additionally, they have been honored with a “Superior Achievement Award” from The Ohio Association of Insurance Agents and Brokers. According to The Ohio Association of Insurance Agents and Brokers, these awards recognize the companies’ participation in important community activities.

For more information about Ohio State National, contact the company at 614-639-4200. To obtain Ohio State National quotes, contact The Ohio Insurance Information Center. You will be provided with a quote that allows you to select a plan that is right for your family’s needs and budget.

Ohio State National insurance quotes are available online. Members can also obtain free Ohio State National quotes by contacting the National Life Insurance Department. They are located at 401 South Washington Street, Suite 101, Columbus, OH 43215.

Individuals who are considering purchasing a life insurance policy should consult with a licensed Ohio State National life insurance agent before making the purchase. If you choose to purchase online, it is recommended that you review each policy offered. A well-qualified life insurance agent will make sure you get the right policy for you. He or she will also help you to establish the coverage amount and whether you qualify for a discount or not.

You can learn more about each plan on the company’s web site. By reading the articles listed on the company’s web site, and by contacting the company through email, you can obtain free, no obligation quotes. on various plans.

Ohio State National is a member of The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). To receive a copy of your current certificate, please visit The Ohio Insurance Information Center or contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ohio Insurance Information Center, 401 South Washington Street, Suite 101, Columbus, OH 43215.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free