What You Should Know About American National Life Insurance

American National Insurance Co. (ANICO) is an international insurance company based in Galveston, TX. The company provides a broad range of insurance products, including individual health and life insurance plans, annuity plans, financial products, life and indemnity health plans, commercial, investment, and structured settlements, as well as many other types of insurance. American National offers a variety of products for both the self-employed as well as larger organizations. This article provides some basic information about American National and the products they provide.

American National offers several types of life insurance and annuity plans. These include individual life, group life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life, and tax-deferred whole life plans. Each of these different types of plans has different benefits and limitations, so it is important to understand them before selecting one.

American National also provides several types of life plans for self-employed individuals. The first of these life plans is called the Universal Life Insurance or Universal Life Income Plan (ULIP). In this plan, the policyholder receives periodic payments, usually based on salary and a predetermined amount, that are based upon his or her age. For example, if the policyholder is thirty years old, the policyholder receives a monthly payment of five thousand dollars, and the same amount for each year after that.

Another of these life plans offered by American National is the Whole Life Income Plan (WHIP). This policy allows policyholders to invest their funds in a defined number of mutual funds and annuities and receive an income each month that is determined by how much they have invested and the growth of those funds.

American National also offers several types of annuity plans. Among these are Individual Annuity Plans (IA), which provides fixed monthly payments to policyholders at various rates depending on their ages; Indexed Annuity Plans (IAPL), which are indexed based on a particular index; and Variable Annuity Plans (VAAP), which allow policyholders to choose between fixed monthly or variable annual payments. based on their personal preferences and the amount they may even elect to receive a lump sum.

Other types of life insurance available from American National include Whole Life, which provide a guaranteed return, and Life and Medical Insurance Plans (MLIP), which provides a guaranteed premium or income level on a term life policy. of ten, twenty, or fifty years.

One more product offered by American National is the Term Life Annuity Plans (TLA), which provides the policyholder with a deferred cash value (DCV) return after the policy is purchased. DCV returns are paid as an income stream, which allows the policyholder to invest in the company’s mutual funds or stocks until the policyholder dies.

These are just a few examples of the types of annuity plans American National offers. To learn more about these products, contact their customer service department, or visit their web site.

Life insurance policies from American National are not available for people who have been convicted of felonies or are presently subject to a restraining order against you, such as a restraining order from a spouse. A criminal background check is done before you will be granted access to any American National life insurance products. In addition, it is also impossible to get your policy with this company if you have had a bankruptcy.

Another policy offered by American National for life insurance is the American National Term Life Insurance Plan. This plan gives the policyholder the right to borrow up to 30 percent of the value of his or her policy if they cannot make the regular premium payments.

American National also offers an Individual Retirement Account plan known as the IRA (individual retirement account), and a Special Reserve Account. in addition to the Life and Medical Insurance Plans.

The benefits of life insurance are many for the policyholder, such as financial protection, income protection, and death benefit. The most important benefit of all is the peace of mind that you will receive upon your death.