Monumental’s Premier Life – How Changing Your Name Can Help Your Life Insurance Company

Monumental Life, a Transamericas Company, is now changing its name to be Transamericas Premier Life Insurance Company and will be in business for the foreseeable future. This change is part of an ongoing evolution, as Transamericas has taken on many new names over the years. The change is very recent, as Monumental was originally known as Monumental Indemnity Company and has been around since 1916.

The name change to Transamericas Premier Life is a result of a few factors, including an increase in profit, an increase in policy numbers and a shift in the type of risk being faced by Monumentals. While these are not the primary reasons that the name change was made, they are important aspects of the move and a good reason for a change.

The biggest and most obvious reason for the change is the increase in profits. The original company was primarily a general liability insurance company, which was a very risky business. This is because generally there were more claims being made than there were claims paying out. This created a very high percentage of potential claims.

The change to Monumentals Premier Life is a result of many factors, including a change in the type of risk being faced by the company. The company is no longer involved with all types of general liability insurance, but it is still a major player in the industry, and the type of general liability that Monumentals deals in remains a very big part of its business.

Another reason that the change was made is due to the fact that the company’s profit margin has been reduced over the last several years, due to a large and substantial amount of claim rejections that have occurred in the past few years. The company is also dealing with a lot of litigation in the form of a class action suit in California by some of the clients of the former Monumental’s company, as well as the claim of deceptive advertising that were recently brought by the FTC.

It is hard to believe that one of the largest life insurance companies in the world could be doing poorly in the current economy and yet be able to do well by changing its name. However, Monumentals is one of those companies. who have changed their name and who have been able to survive and thrive in a tough financial climate.

The change from Monumentals to Transamericas Premier Life is part of a larger plan that the company has in place to diversify itself and increase its market share, which is important to many investors. A diversified insurance company is one that has more than one type of insurance product, as opposed to a firm that only insures a few.

So, while this is a major reason to switch from one monumental life insurance company to another, it isn’t the only reason. Monumentals has many other ways in which they can continue to grow and expand their business without changing their name.

Most major insurers have a brand name that they are associated with, and they usually do not change it much. In fact, they actually use their brand name to attract new clients as part of their marketing campaign, as well. Monumentals is no different.

This is a major reason for the change to switch from Monumentals to Transamericas. They can continue to use their name and continue to attract new customers in the same way.

This is good for them, because they can continue to stay competitive against their major competitors, while increasing their own customer base. without having to change their approach. They can continue to increase sales, increase profits, and grow their revenues at the same time.

The company is taking another step toward its goal of becoming one of the biggest life insurance companies in the country. And, it is a smart move for the company as a whole.