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Can You Get Car Insurance For New Drivers Without A License?

Can you get car insurance without a license? This seems like an oxymoron at first glance, but it actually is a legitimate question. There is no law against getting a new car without a license. You are only advised to not buy a new car if you intend of someone driving it legally.

In general, car insurance for new drivers is available for free in many states. A lot of companies offer this to help people get started and they make a commission off the insurance that you pay. It is highly unlikely you will be offered such a policy if you tell your agent that you do not need a license to purchase the vehicle. The reason for this is simple. Car insurance companies like a legal driver so they charge you more for the same coverage.

However, even though you cannot get car insurance without a license, you can get it for cheaper. You do not need a license to purchase a newer car. Some states also have “no claim bonus” programs. You can get a certain amount of money back on a new car if you can prove it was purchased legally.

In order to find car insurance for new drivers without a license, you need to shop around. The first place to check is on the Internet. There are several web sites that will let you compare multiple companies that offer car insurance for new drivers. You will find some that will allow you to get free quotes from several companies, but you should look over them all and find the one that offers the best deals.

Look carefully at the terms of each quote that you are given and do some comparisons between online companies. The insurance company should be easy to understand, but make sure you compare coverage levels and the premiums offered. Ask questions about things such as deductible amounts and how much of a risk with your car will be to the insurance company. Some will give you an amount to pay up front that is required for replacement coverage if the car is totaled. If you think you can afford the monthly payment on the policy without having to worry about your car, it may be in your best interest to pay the amount stated upfront.

While comparing quotes with different companies, consider adding coverage that will cover damages that occur due to vandalism or theft. Some policies will also cover damage to your own vehicle if you happen to get into an accident.

Getting car insurance for new drivers without a license is a good idea. Even if you can’t get a new policy directly from the insurer, you can go online and search for discounts. The more you shop around the better you will get at getting the best rates.

It is important to take the time to research the different online websites that sell car insurance for new drivers. Compare the rates of several companies. When it comes time to purchase, always make sure you know exactly what the policy includes and what is excluded. This will prevent any surprises.

Don’t ever get caught up in the hype of purchasing the first policy you see. Many people get carried away when shopping for car insurance for new drivers without a license. Make sure you do your homework before you buy anything. You don’t want to end up paying more than you have to.

Getting a car is something you need to do with good credit score, because you won’t be able to qualify for many loans if you don’t. Keep in mind that car insurance can be quite expensive as well.

When it comes to driving a car, you can’t get a bad rap for breaking traffic laws. or running a red light. But accidents do remember that there are risks associated with driving a car. So it is important to understand that if you get into an accident you have to take the proper precautions and stay out of any accidents.

Finally, when getting a quote don’t forget to include a note that you will be responsible for maintaining the vehicle. This will allow the insurance company to offer a discounted rate.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free