Affinity Health Insurance Plans

Affinity Health Insurance provides affordable health coverage plans for individuals and families looking for high quality health insurance coverage. Affinity was started in 1980 by Tom and Pamela Gann. Known for their affordable plans and good customer service, Affinity offers affordable health insurance options for working adults and individuals. Affinity strives to provide you with the best possible health coverage while still maintaining their high quality of service and products.

Most of the companies under Affinity are large corporations. Affinity health is a small family owned business. Their company mission is to provide quality services, products, and services that meet their customers’ needs. They provide services to more than 200 companies across the country. They have a reputation for providing the best in health coverage.

Affinity health insurance plans are designed to be affordable and offer great benefits. The basic plan is affordable and offers you the choice of either a PPO or HMO (Hospital Option) program. PPO or Preferred Provider Organization health plans provide you with a wide range of medical insurance plans with lower monthly premiums. PPO plans require you to pay an annual deductible which is generally equal to the monthly premium you paid up front for the PPO plan. In exchange for this yearly deductible, your primary care provider (PCP), will be the only doctor that can see you unless you select another primary care provider through your Affinity health insurance plan.

An HMO or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan offers the convenience of having a doctor near your home or office if needed. When you first choose an HMO plan, you choose one doctor from a list provided by the health insurance company. You also may select any doctors within a certain range of distances (depending on your zip code). You can then choose a primary care physician in your selected area if you want. If you want a more flexible network of doctors, then you may elect to go with an Opt in Doctor Plan.

Affinity health insurance plans provide an option of paying by direct deposit or with your credit card. Direct deposit allows you to electronically deposit your premium payment to your bank account each month. Direct Deposit pays your monthly premium on time and ensures that you never miss a payment. Your insurance company collects your payment when you make your monthly premium payment.

You can also select a credit cards with a high limit to cover the costs of your health insurance. These credit cards to pay your premium each month automatically as long as you pay the balance. These cards will pay your deductibles at the end of each month. Most credit cards allow you to choose between an annual or a semiannual fee.

Affinity health insurance plans do not cover children. You may pay extra for a plan that covers young children. If you have an older child or adult child that is not covered under their insurance plan, the additional cost may be worth the price.

Affinity also does not cover pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, or heart conditions. Some plans also have prescription drug coverage. However, most plans have a standard deductible, a maximum out of pocket expense and standard of pay limits.

Affinity health insurance plans are similar to family medical insurance plans. They cover the expenses of health insurance for the dependents of the insured person. The dependents are usually the spouse or children of the insured individual. These plans will cover hospital bills, emergency rooms, prescription drugs, surgery, and other health care costs. If you use your credit card or debit card to pay for premiums on this health insurance plan, you will also be responsible for paying any applicable taxes on these benefits.

Although most health insurance plans are similar, there are some distinct differences. The most obvious difference is that these plans cover only the insured persons’ dependents, while family plans cover the insured’s spouse and children.

Affinity Health Insurance plans are a great way to save money. Although they do not pay for routine check ups like group insurance plans, they cover major medical expenses, such as hospital visits and major surgery. They are also less expensive than many individual health plans. If you have a family but cannot afford the large premiums associated with group health plans, these plans are the right choice.