A Comprehensive Guide to Equity Life Insurance Company

Equitable Life Insurance Company was established by Henry Baldwin Hyde in 1889. In the early part of the century, The Equitable was known as The Life Assurance Company and was owned by the L’Orientale Group of Companies. However, in the 1980s the company changed its name to The Equitable Life Insurance Company. In the last ten years, The Equitable has become one of the world’s leading insurers with over fifteen million policies in force.

The Equity Life Insurance Company is owned by Charles F. Oberman and his family. In the early years, Henry Baldwin Hyde was the company president. In the 1980s the company was taken over by the Axa Group of Companies, which is a French company.

The Equity Life Insurance Company provides a variety of life insurances. The life insurances cover different types of risks including death benefit, premium payments, and investment. The equity life insurance policy holders benefit from the tax advantages and tax-free growth in the amount of the policy holders’ policy premium.

The life insurance policies are purchased in two ways: directly or indirectly. Direct purchase of policies can be done through a broker, while indirect purchase can be done through a broker.

The Equity Life Insurance Company has its own group of brokers and distributors who provide all the information about the policy and policies of the company directly to clients. These brokers are usually employed and paid by the insurer and do not have any liability with the insurance company. However, in the case of an indirect purchase, there is a broker who is affiliated with the Equity Life Insurance Company and acts as a sales agent for the insurer. He collects information from various sources and brings it to the attention of the client.

There are many life insurance companies that offer discounts for the policy holders and other benefits such as term life insurance, whole life insurance and variable universal life insurance. The policy holders are advised to consider the policy discounts and other policies offered by the insurance company that could give them a greater rate of return than other policies that they may be interested in buying.

It is always wise to compare the rates of different insurance companies before deciding on which company to buy insurance from. There are many insurance quotes provided online, as well as in newspapers, magazines, television shows and radio programs.

The Equity Life Insurance Company offers a wide range of life policies and life insurance products, some of which are self-explanatory while others have special features that a client should be aware of. A life insurance quote can be obtained online or over the phone. In the case of online quotations, the client should provide a complete profile of his health, employment history, medical conditions, family background and financial condition and any other factors that could affect the decision making of the insurance policy. All the relevant information should be verified before a quote is received.

To request for a life insurance quote, the client should give a comprehensive questionnaire, covering both the coverage and the premium rate. The questionnaire would also give a detailed description of the policy, the premium rate, the insurance company’s reputation and any special benefits that may be offered.

For life insurance quotes, the customers can request information from the Equity Life Insurance Company through its website. There, they will get free life insurance quotes and insurance information and also submit any documents, as required. In order to qualify for the quotes, a customer must have good health, adequate life history, good employment history, good credit rating, no outstanding loans, no outstanding debt and at least 20 years of continuous employment.

There are many reasons why people prefer to purchase a life insurance policy. These could include the assurance of a monthly income during the old age, the provision of medical benefits for future medical conditions and the protection of assets. Other factors that would influence the decision to buy a life policy are whether the person desires to remain single or opt for a permanent life insurance policy and whether the person requires a guaranteed income or does not.

There are many other factors that could lead a person to the decision of purchasing a life insurance policy, including the cost of the policy, whether the policy would meet the needs of the person’s family, whether the person is married, if he or she will avail of a retirement scheme, whether the applicant is likely to obtain a job in a secure position, whether the applicant would like to retire in a comfortable location or relocate or go to a less secure location, whether the applicant has a good credit rating and so on. The Equity Life Insurance Company is one of the best companies that offer affordable life policies.