Life Insurance Medical Exam

In order to determine whether a policy holder is fit to hold a policy, insurance companies conduct life insurance medical exams. The basic purpose of this exam is to verify whether the applicant is as healthy as they claim to be. Also, in order to determine the likelihood of the applicant’s death, they conduct the same exam in order to determine if the person is able to pay their insurance premiums. In other words, they want to determine whether or not they are a good investment. So, how do these life insurance medical exams work?

A life insurance medical examination may contain a physical examination, a blood test, a urinalysis and a blood pressure measurement. Remember that if you’re looking for a large amount of coverage and you’re aged over fifty-five years old, you’ll likely be required to undergo more than just the above mentioned tests. For instance, if you are in poor health and are applying for an extremely large amount of insurance coverage, you’ll likely be required to go through electrocardiography (ECG), a treadmill test and an EKG.

The purpose of the medical examination is to ascertain if the applicant is physically fit and healthy. The physician must determine whether the applicant is able to handle the level of risk posed by the particular insurance plan. The plan provider will not approve coverage to someone who is not fit and is more likely to get ill.

The life insurance medical exam is often accompanied by a questionnaire that asks about any pre-existing medical conditions. Some of the questions may be as simple as, “Are you currently taking prescribed medication?” or, “Is there anything else that has come up in your doctor’s office you would like to report?”

If you feel uncomfortable answering a question like, “Have you ever had a heart attack,” or, “Have you ever smoked,” you should definitely tell the life insurance company. about it before submitting your application. This is because some life insurers are very strict when it comes to this aspect of health.

Most life insurance plans require that applicants undergo a life insurance medical examination in order to obtain a policy. Some insurance providers require their employees to go through the examination prior to getting a policy and most companies require at least one year of continuous employment with the company. It isn’t uncommon for employers to request a couple of months of continuous employment before they will consider you an eligible for life cover.

You can have a medical exam performed by a licensed physician, a nurse practitioner, or even a pharmacist. There are many different doctors out there that will perform this kind of medical exam for an affordable price. You can also get the information from an online life quote comparison website. You can also contact your health care provider for a recommendation. You may need to supply him or her with medical records as well as the medical history of your family members, if any.

Remember that life insurance is an important aspect of any insurance policy. So, when deciding on what insurance plan to purchase, always research the best one possible for you. The policy you select will pay for itself over time.

Remember, it is important that you are comfortable with the questions you are asked on a life insurance medical exam. If you feel uncomfortable or even guilty about it, don’t do it.

The first question you will be asked on a life insurance medical exam is how long you have been employed with your employer. If you are a full time employee, you will probably be asked to supply two years of employment information. You should then provide information about your family, including if you have children, and your family history of health problems. if any.

If you are seeking life insurance coverage you should not hesitate to have a life insurance medical exam. It is a simple process and your life can depend on it.