How to Get Auto Insurance

In Washington DC, one of the highest elected officials, Senator Kent Conrad, has been caught on tape telling a crowd that his office was in charge of his car insurance policy. He further explains that he did not have to purchase car insurance from the car insurance companies in the area. In fact, they did not even offer a discount for him to switch, but because he told the truth.

Senator Kent Conrad was right about one thing, the car’s insurance policy in Washington DC is not offered to everybody. Car insurance is regulated and controlled by the Department of Insurance in Washington DC, and that authority does not apply to drivers who are self-employed or do not drive in their own right. In other words, if you drive your car without insurance in Washington DC, you may get a fine, but it will not affect your car insurance policy.

The Department of Insurance does have authority over Washington DC, but only for the District of Columbia itself. In Maryland, Washington DC is not governed by the Department of Insurance, so drivers are free to purchase insurance anywhere that is legal. So when Senator Kent Conrad said that he was not required to purchase auto insurance in Washington DC, he was right.

You may think that when you are driving in Washington DC that you are not required to get any insurance at all. That may be true to some degree, but you must still obtain car insurance if you want to be covered under your state’s insurance rules. Car insurance companies in DC do offer discounts for drivers who pay their premiums on time, and for drivers who have a clean driving record. However, you must know that discounts will not be given to drivers who are arrested or ticketed for driving without insurance.

The Department of Insurance does not require insurance coverage for drivers in Washington DC; however, they do offer discounts if you purchase insurance through them. For example, if you purchase insurance from a company in Washington DC for twenty years or more, they may give you an extra ten percent off of your premium, which can easily add up to fifty percent on a regular monthly rate.

One thing you should keep in mind, however, if you buy car insurance in Washington DC, you must also get the insurance from the same company that insures the car you drive. Therefore, if you own a Mercedes and drive a Honda, and if you insure the car with a company in Washington DC, your insurance policies will have to be combined. However, if you drive a Jaguar, you would not have to worry about having separate policies, as the insurance companies in Washington DC offer insurance plans for both makes of cars.

However, before you purchase insurance for your car in Washington DC, you must research the company you choose to make sure you understand their policy. You can do this by contacting the company and asking a variety of questions. It is also a good idea to visit the Department of Insurance to look over their policies and determine if your questions will be answered. If you purchase the insurance from a company that does not provide a toll-free number, you may be surprised to find out that they will not answer many of the questions you may ask.

So, before you buy insurance for your car in Washington DC, you must first know what kind of coverage you need, and you must decide where to get your insurance from. In the case that you are confused, you may want to contact an attorney who specializes in this field to help you make the right decisions. A lawyer can tell you what options are available and help you make the correct choice.