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How Much Does Jeep Compass Insurance Cost?

While the cost of Jeep Compass insurance varies widely, there are several ways to get the most affordable policy. Depending on your age, gender, and driving record, you could pay as little as $1,010 a year in Vermont. In New York, Louisiana, and Michigan, the cost could rise to $1,870 a year for an excellent driver. These rates assume a 2020 model year, a male driver without a history of accidents, $500 deductibles, and minimum liability limits. The average rate is based on rates in 50 states.

jeep compass insurance cost

The Jeep Compass insurance cost varies based on the model year and the type of coverage you choose. Comprehensive insurance, collision, and liability are the most popular types of coverage. The policy also includes $500 deductibles. The deductibles are $500 each. Medical coverage and UM/UIM coverage are optional. While you may not have to purchase this kind of coverage, you should always have adequate protection in case of an accident.

The age and experience of the insured driver are two of the largest factors in the cost of Jeep Compass insurance. Young and inexperienced drivers tend to have higher rates than older and more experienced drivers. The average teen driver will pay up to $4900 for a policy. However, the age of the driver is not the only factor that impacts the rate. The location of the vehicle also affects the cost of Jeep Compass car insurance. If a driver is living in a remote area, they will pay an extra $58 per year compared to a 30-year-old.

As you can see, the cost of Jeep Compass insurance varies depending on your profile. Some insurers base their quotes on the full purchase price. While older models may be cheaper to insure, the coverage limits may increase as the car becomes older. Remember that a more recent model will have lower insurance rates. Moreover, the safety features of your Jeep will have a major impact on the cost of your Jeep Compass insurance.

The Jeep Compass insurance rate will depend on various factors. Its model year and trim level will determine the price of insurance. If the car is old, the deductible will be higher. The younger and more expensive the model, the lower the rate. It is important to remember that older vehicles will have lower insurance costs, but their coverage limits may change. Those with good driving records and a low deductible will find it easy to find affordable Jeep Compass insurance.

A Jeep Compass insurance quote is based on the full purchase price. The initial cost of the car will be lower than the amount of depreciation over a year. This means that the Jeep Compass insurance quote for a 30-year-old driver will be more expensive than a vehicle with a lower depreciation. Nonetheless, the initial costs are not the only factors that will affect the cost of your insurance.

The Jeep Compass insurance cost is dependent on several factors. The vehicle model and trim level are considered by insurance companies. The highest-end model, the Trailhawk 4WD, has the most expensive insurance. The base model will be the least expensive to insure. In addition to the basic auto insurance, the price of the Jeep Compass is dependent on the insurance company. While it is cheaper to insure, the higher-end trim level has higher risks and is more expensive.

When purchasing a Jeep Compass, make sure you understand the car’s depreciation. The Jeep will depreciate by approximately $5706 in its first six months, so the insurance price will decrease over the course of the year. Additionally, the car’s safety rating will affect the cost of your policy. The higher the safety rating of the vehicle, the lower the insurance premium will be. This is the reason why the Jeep is so expensive to insure.

The Jeep Compass insurance cost is based on a standard model year (2013-2020) and the trim level. Most insurers base their quotes on a standard model, which may require an additional deductible. The standard price for a Sport 2WD will cost you around $101 a year. The second-cheapest model, the Sport 4WD, will cost about $1,200. If you don’t have enough money for a comprehensive insurance policy, it may be worth a little extra.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free