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Car Colors That Increase Insurance Costs

While many people may think that car colors can increase insurance costs, it is not true. White cars have lower accident risk than other colors, such as black or silver, and are less likely to be stolen. While certain car models may be more prone to theft, crashes, and ticketing, the color of your car has nothing to do with your driving behavior or safety. The myth is more widespread than you might think. If you want to save money on your insurance, consider a new paint job for your vehicle.

car colors that increase insurance

One thing you should know about car insurance color: it doesn’t affect the cost of your insurance. Insurify, a car insurance comparison website, collected data from 1.5 million car insurance applications. The shoppers were asked questions about their driving history and personal data. After reviewing the responses, Insurify researchers found that there were no significant differences in reported driving behavior. In other words, it does not seem that a certain color is associated with higher auto insurance costs.

Insurify collected crash data from over 1.5 million car insurance applications. Participants answered questions about their driving history, type of vehicle, and other personal information. After analyzing the responses, researchers found significant differences in reported driver behavior and driving records. While car colors do not impact the cost of auto insurance, they can affect the amount of money you pay for your insurance. And if you have a poor driving record, that can also increase your insurance rates.

Another factor in car insurance cost is the color of your car. If you’ve had a custom paint job done on your car, it might have an effect on your insurance premiums. While you won’t see a dramatic increase in your premium, it’s possible to get a lower rate if you have your car customized. For most drivers, this would be a small increase in your premiums. Some people believe that the color of their car will make them more likely to be pulled over by the police, but this has been proven false in studies.

The most common car colors that increase insurance costs include red, blue, and gray. Among these, white is the most commonly pulled over color, while black is the second most popular. Insurify also found that the most common color for cars is white. The third most commonly driven is red, followed by gray, while silver is the fourth most common. Insurify is the leader in car insurance research. If you want to find the best car color for you, check out Insurify.

If you want to save money on your insurance, keep in mind that car colors do not affect your premiums directly. However, if you are purchasing a brand-new car, consider the fact that the color you’re currently driving may affect your insurance premiums. Insurify has analyzed over 1.5 million applications for car insurance. It was also used to analyze the responses of shoppers. The researchers found that car color did not have a direct correlation with the amount of insurance.

While it is unlikely that car color increases your insurance, it is important to note that there are some cases where the color of your car may increase your premium. A blue car may have higher premiums than a black or silver one. If you’re wondering what causes car colors to increase insurance, you’re not alone. Several studies have shown that the color of your vehicle may increase your premium. Moreover, the type of paint may have a significant impact on your car’s value.

Besides the color of your car, other factors that affect the price of your car may also influence your insurance costs. According to a 2012 study, thieves prefer cars that are silver or black. Insurify’s data included information on the type of vehicle and the driver’s personal data. Insurify’s researchers found that red cars are more expensive to insure. Axalta’s research also suggests that cars with different color combinations are safer on the road.

Get and compare insurance quotes for free